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Tucked away on a side street of Colorado Boulevard you’ll find a funky and eclectic restaurant with all the feels of grandma’s kitchen.  At Braise & Crumble, Pasadena Natives Shannon Hart and Tyler Wu are serving up comfort food with a touch of Southern flare and Asian flavors to Pasadena. Their unique flavors and homemade dishes are a delightful addition to Pasadena’s restaurant scene and even caught the attention of Cooking Channel’s, “Best I Ever Ate,” which featured their now famous chicken po’ boy. Recently Shannon and Tyler sat down with the Future Yourself Here team to talk about what inspired them to quit their day jobs and dive right into entrepreneur life, all the while evolving their original business concept.

What is Braise & Crumble’s Story?

Braise & Crumble was established in 2014. We started with an idea and a dream. On one of our first few dates we went to The Griddle in Hollywood for banana pancakes and thick cut bacon! As we enjoyed our meal I turned to my partner of 19 years and said that someday I wanted a place like this.  I am proud to say that 14 years later we made it happen! For us, it was one of those now or never moments, that make you take a big breath, quit your day job and say let’s do this NOW. And, we did just that.

Our idea was to bring back Sunday’s at grandma’s house. Slow cooked food and guilty pleasures, all in one place. In the beginning we described it as just coming over to a cooler version of our home for dinner! We wanted to create a place where you could walk in and go to a different place and time. We wanted to throw it back to those Sunday’s with family and friends when you gather to share a meal and the events of the week. We envisioned it a place with old school jams on the radio where you have all the time in the world to sit and talk and just unplug. My grandma used to say “Sit down kid, take your coat off and stay a while”. That’s what we hope to give to our community; a place to meet up, share a meal, and enjoy the stories of life.

What are some of Braise & Crumble’s accomplishments you’re most proud of?

We have some awesome accolades, but what we’re most proud of are the things we and are crew are able to do, and continue to do every day. We are exceptionally proud that we make everything each day from scratch and it’s fresh. On a normal day at Braise & Crumble there are only three or four of us in the kitchen, and we make it all by hand from the delicious and savory to our decadent sweets.

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced in launching your company?

Time. There’s just never enough time to do all the amazing things that live in our culinary heads.

Every company grows over time. How has Braise & Crumble evolved?

Evolution for us is a daily goal.  Believe it or not, we strive to be better chefs and hosts than we were the day before. Once we think we have it dialed in, we bring in a new dish to mess up the work and flow of our daily routine. This not only keeps us on our toes but in a competitive zone, sometimes with each other.  We live by the adage, “You’re only as good as your last dish!”

What makes Pasadena an attractive place to do business?

Pasadena is a wonderful community with a mix of people from everywhere. We are a great hidden gem of a foodie town. With over 200 restaurants, we are grateful to be included in this town of foodie splendor. From the culinary arts, to science and innovation, and all the amazing artists and musicians, it is hard not to be inspired living and working here.